Walk-in Clinics in Oklahoma City, OK

Immunizations for flu, pneumonia, tetanus and wellness B-12 shots at 7 medical clinics near you in OKC. Immediate Care of OK locations are open late hours 7 days a week. No appointment needed.

Wellness Shots Services at Urgent Care and Walk-In Clinic in Oklahoma City, OK

Call us for immunization availability.

Keep the flu off of your calendar this year by getting a flu shot in a timely manner. ICO follows the CDC guidelines and encourages shots to be given mid to late October. Doing so and allowing for the vaccine’s normal gestation period, you are best protected during Oklahoma’s flu season which is late January through March. Taking the flu shot earlier than the above date can put you at risk for the virus.

Don’t forget those loved ones. As one of the most contagious of viruses, please encourage other members of your family and extended family to also receive their immunization. ICO recommends SPECIAL ATTENTION to patients older than 50; children older than 3 years; and children and adults with chronic medical conditions such as diabetes or heart disease. We strongly encourage immunization against the flu to these groups because of their heightened vulnerability. We provide flu shots for ages 8 and up at all of our Immediate Care locations. There’s an elevated risk to pregnant women and residents of nursing homes or long-term care facilities as well.

ICO facilities are open every day from 8 AM to 8 PM for your convenience.  In addition to the FLU shot, we also offer other shots such as pneumonia, tetanus and wellness shots such as B12.  Please contact the ICO facility that you will be visiting and confirm vaccine availability and/or seek additional information as needed.