Doctor’s Office Near Me Norman, OK

Doctor’s Office in Norman, OK

Have You Been Searching for a Doctor’s Office Near You in Norman, OK? If So, Immediate Care of Oklahoma Has 2 Clinics in Norman. You Can Visit Us at 800 24th Ave NW Norman, OK 73069, or at 3400 Tecumseh Rd Norman, OK 73072.

Doctor's Office Near Me in Norman, OK
Doctor's Office Near Me in Norman, OK

It’s very convenient to have a doctor’s office right in your community, especially when you can simply walk in for service. With Immediate Care of Oklahoma, you can do just that, and we have 2 locations in the Norman OK community. You’ll be able to see a physician right away, with no appointment, making us a great alternative to going to your primary care physician. We also offer extended hours of availability, so we can see you when your situation is urgent.

What kind of doctor’s office is Immediate Care of Oklahoma?

Our doctor’s office is a walk-in clinic where you can get urgent, immediate care right on the spot. You’ll be able to see a physician right away, with no appointment booking necessary. This kind of service is more than just convenient.

With our urgent care, you’ll be able to receive on-the-spot treatment for any minor emergency. For instance, if you or a loved one has strep throat or a minor sprained ankle, then we’ll be able to treat you right away. Immediate treatment can prevent strep throat from becoming worse or being contagious for long. Immediate treatment can also prevent a sprain from becoming worse.

What services do walk-in doctors provide?

Walk-in doctors can provide the same kind of services primary care doctors provide, and more. Walk-in doctors can diagnose and treat common, non-life-threatening ailments, and they can even provide onsite X-rays and laboratory testing. Here at Immediate Care of Oklahoma, we can also provide:

Additionally, our clinic has Medical Review Officers (MROs) available who can assist employers with test result reviews for their drug testing programs. We can provide a number of additional services for our patients, so you can come see us for any minor medical issue.

Why should I choose Immediate Care of Oklahoma as my walk-in doctor’s office?

With our clinic, you and anyone else in your family will be able to receive comprehensive care for common health issues. We can refer you to specialists and network with them and your primary care doctor. One of our physicians would be very happy to become an important member of your long-term healthcare team!

The founder of Immediate Care of Oklahoma is Dr. Kevin Penwell DO, and he is also a family practice physician, board-certified to provide you and your family with any primary care service you require. He has full confidence in the capabilities of the other physicians at our clinic.

Do you have a doctor’s office near me in Norman, OK?

Yes, we do! Immediate Care of Oklahoma has 2 doctor’s offices in Norman, OK. You can come see us at either 800 24th Ave NW Norman, OK 73069, or at 3400 Tecumseh Rd Norman, OK 73072. Our locations are open 7 days a week for your convenience, and you can simply come on in for a same-day appointment, or you can book an appointment online.

We hope to see you soon here at Immediate Care of Oklahoma! You’re more than welcome to bring your family to meet us too.

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