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Work Related Accidents Questions and Answers

Work Related Accidents Questions and Answers

If you were injured in an accident at the workplace, come to Immediate Care of Oklahoma. For more information, call us now or schedule an appointment online. We have convenient locations to serve you in Oklahoma City, OK.

Work Related Accidents Near Me in West Moore OK, Norman (HealthPlex) OK, Norman (24th) OK, Edmond OK, Yukon OK, I-240 and Sooner RD OK, and Tecumseh OK
Work Related Accidents Near Me in West Moore OK, Norman (HealthPlex) OK, Norman (24th) OK, Edmond OK, Yukon OK, I-240 and Sooner RD OK, and Tecumseh OK

Table of Contents:

What are the most common workplace accidents?
What is considered a work-related injury?
What are the causes of work-related injuries?

The workplace is designed with safety in mind; there are several measures put in place to protect the health and wellbeing of the workers. Unfortunately, not all accidents can be prevented. Some professions have a higher risk of accidents than others, such as those that use heavy machinery or involve work in an open construction site. Regardless of the work environment, accidents can happen anywhere. That is why it is important to always practice safety, because some accidents can be severely debilitating. Fortunately, there are healthcare clinics that focus on treating work-related accidents, and can help workers recover from their injuries using safe and effective therapies.

What are the most common workplace accidents?

The following list consists of the most common occupational injuries recorded in the workplace:

Slip and fall at work
Falling from heights
‘Walking into’ injuries
Over-exertion injuries
Machine entanglement
Forklift accident
Workplace crush
Construction accidents
Falling objects injuries
Reaction injuries

What is considered a work-related injury?

An injury or illness is considered work-related if an event or exposure in the work environment either caused or contributed to the resulting condition, or if a pre-existing injury or illness was significantly exacerbated by an exposure or event. When an injury or illness results from an event or exposure that occurs in the work environment, it is presumed to be work-related. The work environment is defined as the establishment and other locations where one or more employees are working or are present as a condition of their employment. The work environment also includes any equipment or materials used by the employee during the course of their work.

What are the causes of work-related injuries?

The main causes of work-related injuries include:

Over-exertion and Bodily Reaction: For a number of years, the leading cause of workplace injuries has been overexertion and bodily reaction. This category of injury makes up almost a third (31%) of all injuries sustained at the workplace. These include activities such as:

Falls, Slips, and Trips: The second most common cause of all workplace injuries is slipping and falling. While these injuries happen most commonly on construction sites, anyone can slip, trip, or fall at any time, in any environment. Even seemingly insignificant falls can result in soreness, bruising, or broken bones. Like other injuries, most falls are potentially avoidable. Every worker has a responsibility to ensure they are not blocking pathways or leaving hazards where someone could trip or fall. To ensure workers are aware of potential hazards and how to avoid them, there is also some responsibility on an organization.

Contact With Objects or Equipment: While performing their job, almost everyone comes into contact with objects or equipment in some form. It can happen in any industry or workplace.

Violence and Injuries Sustained by Others and Animals: Violence within the workplace and injuries sustained by animals account for approximately 8 in every 10,000 injuries, or just .08%. Some occupations, such as zookeepers and animal trainers, are at much higher risk of sustaining an injury from an animal, and emergency workers, such as police officers and nurses, are at a much higher risk of encountering violence.

Transportation Accidents: The leading cause of work-related deaths in the United States is motor vehicle accidents. Approximately 40% of all workplace deaths occur due to auto accidents. For drivers or passengers, there is an inherent risk of being in a traffic accident.

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