Urgent Care Near Del City, Oklahoma

Urgent Care Near Del City, Oklahoma

Immediate Care of Oklahoma is specialized in urgent care services, injuries and illness treatments, wellness shots and many more. For more information, call us or schedule an appointment online.

Urgent Care Near Del City, Oklahoma
Urgent Care Near Del City, Oklahoma

If you want to forget the hassle of making an appointment with your primary care physician or do not want to waste the day away at the emergency room, why not go to an urgent care clinic in your area? Here at Immediate Care of Oklahoma, you can receive expert medical attention for any non-life-threatening medical concern without making an appointment. All that is required of you is to walk-in, let our receptionist know you are here, and you will see a doctor promptly!

Where can I find an urgent care clinic near Del City, Oklahoma?

If you are on the lookout for an urgent care clinic near the Del City area of Oklahoma County, we would like to extend a special invitation to you at Immediate Care of Oklahoma! We have board-certified physicians, nurse practitioners, physician’s assistants, and other medical professionals who can take care of any non-life-threatening medical concern you are dealing with! While we have several clinics throughout Oklahoma County, our nearest clinic to Del City is found at 5700 74th St SE in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

Can I get a DOT physical exam at Immediate Care of Oklahoma?

You can! Our board-certified physicians provide comprehensive Department of Transportation (DOT) physicals to anyone that needs them. Every one of our doctors at Immediate Care of Oklahoma is a certified DOT physical provider! We typically only need about 30 minutes of your time to complete a DOT physical, during which we will conduct a urinalysis, take your heart rate and blood pressure, measure your weight and height, test your vision, hearing, and lung capacity, and take a thorough review of your medical history.

As there have been several recent changes in the DOT physical certification process, we ask that you review the latest updates from the Department of Transportation before coming to our clinic for a DOT physical to avoid any complications.

Do I need to have a primary care physician to go to Immediate Care Urgent Care?

We welcome all patients to Immediate Care of Oklahoma, regardless if they have a primary care physician at our clinic, elsewhere, or if they lack a primary care physician! In fact, up to 25% of all patients that seek medical aid from an urgent care clinic are unaffiliated with a primary care physician. As such, urgent care clinics like Immediate Care of Oklahoma are uniquely suited to individuals without a family doctor.

Can I go to urgent care if I don’t have insurance?

You don’t need to be set up with a health insurance plan to receive services at Immediate Care of Oklahoma. While payment is due upon the completion of the rendered services, we are happy to accommodate self-payment options to make the financial burden more manageable on your end!

What should I expect from visiting an urgent care clinic?

When visiting an urgent care clinic, you can expect minimal wait times and affordable rates for services! Urgent care clinics operate on a first-come, first-served basis, making for an efficient and smooth process when seeing patients. According to the 2019 benchmarking report from the Urgent Care Association, 92% of patients see a healthcare provider in 30 minutes or less of arriving at the clinic, while 97% of patients have a total visit time of one hour or less at the clinic. During your time with the physician, you can expect high-quality medical attention from expert and fully trained providers.

For an exceptional urgent care experience, come to Immediate Care of Oklahoma! No appointment is needed, but we do offer telemedicine appointments, which can be scheduled through our website. Each Immediate Care of Oklahoma clinic is open seven days a week, from 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM.

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