Sprains and Strains Treatment in Norman (24th), OK

Sprains and Strains Treatment in Norman (24th), OK

If You or a Loved One Has Had a Minor Injury or Sprain, Visit Immediate Care of Oklahoma Immediately. Call Today or Just Walk in! We Look Forward to Treating You.

Sprains and Strains Treatment Near Me in Norman (24th), OK
Sprains and Strains Treatment Near Me in Norman (24th), OK

It’s common for people to get sprains or strains doing weekend chores or other activities, and sometimes these people will go to their physician for care or even to the ER (emergency room). Urgent care is the better option for minor sprains and strains, and this is the kind of care we provide here at Immediate Care of Oklahoma. Appointments aren’t necessary, wait times are minimal, and care is provided right on the spot. If that sounds like the kind of care you need, then come see us today here at our clinic for minor sprains and strains treatment in Norman (24th), OK.

So what are the differences between sprains and strains?

A sprain is a common injury to a ligament, while a strain is a common injury to a muscle or tendon. If you consider how you got the injury in the first place, it can be easy to tell which injury you have. Usually, a sprain is caused by a trauma like a fall or a twisted ankle, while a strain is usually caused by overstretching or even just overusing a muscle or tendon. Also, during a sprain, it’s possible to feel a tear in the joint.

The symptoms and signs of a sprain include immediate pain, bruising, swelling, instability, reduced range of motion, and possibly the inability to use the joint. Although it can be easy to confuse these symptoms with those of a strain, it’s possible to distinguish the symptoms of one from those of the other. Typically, a strain will have symptoms like immediate or delayed pain, immediate or delayed bruising, muscle spasms, muscle weakness, muscle cramping, and inflammation.

Does urgent care handle sprains and strains?

For any of the symptoms of either injury, so long as the symptoms aren’t severe and requiring emergency attention, you can go to urgent care for treatment. Urgent care can help quickly and have you back home recovering in next to no time.

The doctors at an urgent care clinic can easily and properly diagnose and treat either injury, so you can be fully confident in their capabilities. The first step is for the doctor to determine what your symptoms are and which injury you have, so the doctor will perform a physical evaluation and examine the injured area. He or she will check your degree of motion, degree of pain, and strength in the injured area, and if there’s a chance of a bone injury, like a fracture, the doctor might take an X-ray. We can provide X-rays right here at Immediate Care of Oklahoma, right on the spot!

Simple, minor sprains and strains can be treated pretty easily. The doctor might send you home with recommendations of rest, icing the injury, compression over the area, and elevating the injured body part. But this is for minor cases, and for more serious cases, the doctor might have to provide professional treatment. In this case, the doctor may immobilize the injured area to help it heal and offer an over-the-counter or prescription painkiller. The doctor might also recommend short-term physical therapy and refer you to a specialist for it. In some serious cases, the doctor might recommend surgery, but this is really uncommon. Most of the time, the doctor will be able to treat you easily so you can get back home to relax and recover.

Do you offer sprains and strains treatment in Norman (24th), OK?

Yes, we do, and no appointment is necessary for this kind of care! You can come see us today at 800 24th Ave NW Norman, OK 73069. We’re open for you and your loved ones Monday to Friday, 7 am to 10 pm, and Saturday and Sunday, 8 am to 8 pm. Just come by our clinic for walk-in, immediate care, and we’ll take care of your sprain or sprain right away for you. We look forward to your visit with us soon here at the Norman OK Immediate Care of Oklahoma!

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