Lacerations, Abrasions and Splinters Treatment in West Moore, OK

Lacerations, Abrasions and Splinters Treatment Clinic in West Moore, OK

For children, parents, and workers, cuts, scrapes, and splinters are a part of everyday life. Come see us today for quick, convenient treatment for lacerations, abrasions, or splinters. We can see you or anyone else in your family of any age, and no appointment is necessary. Call us for more information.

Lacerations, Abrasions and Splinters Treatment Clinic Near Me in West Moore, OK
Lacerations, Abrasions and Splinters Treatment Clinic Near Me in West Moore, OK

What are the different types of wounds?

There are several different kinds of wounds, and they require different approaches to treatment. Immediate care can easily handle most wounds, but some can be serious and require treatment at the ER. The different types of wounds include:

  • Lacerations – These are cuts or tears in the skin, such as a cut from a kitchen knife
  • Abrasions – Also known as scrapes (road rash is an example of an abrasion)
  • Punctures – Small holes in the skin caused by a pointed object, like a nail (these injuries can be serious, often requiring a tetanus shot to prevent infection, or even puncturing an organ—this requires care at the emergency room)
  • Avulsions – A partial tearing away of the skin (this also requires care at the emergency room)

Immediate care can easily handle both lacerations and abrasions, as well as splinters which are often just very minor punctures. However, splinters can sometimes be a bit more serious than that.

How are lacerations usually treated?

Remember that a laceration is a cut. Some professionals will be very precise with their language and distinguish a laceration from a cut, but really, the two terms describe the same type of wound. A professional might say that a straight wound in the skin is a cut, and a jagged wound or tear is a laceration, but both are treated the same way, generally with bandaging or stitches. Sometimes a laceration can require a tetanus shot. Any of these services can be provided by an immediate care clinic like ours. However, deeper lacerations can be quite serious. If a person is unable to get the bleeding under control, then he or she must dial 911 and seek emergency care.

How are abrasions treated?

It’s easy to treat these wounds, often by oneself. Cleaning and bandaging the wound will help to avoid infection and help the wound heal. A professional can help with this if you don’t have the proper cleaning products or bandages around. It can be hard to distinguish an abrasion from a laceration, and lacerations require more care, so you might just want to go to immediate care regardless.

Are splinters easy to treat?

Most of the time, splinters are really easy to treat by yourself, but sometimes they can be tricky. It might be necessary for a professional to remove a splinter, such as when it’s very large, deep, or located in or close to the eye. When a splinter wound is showing signs of an infection, it should be addressed by a medical professional.

Do you provide lacerations, abrasions, and splinters treatment in West Moore, OK?

Immediate Care of Oklahoma has a clinic location in West Moore at 11808 S May Ave Oklahoma City, OK 73170 (South OKC). We provide treatments for cuts, scrapes, splinters, and other minor injuries at this location, and to get treatment, an appointment is not necessary. You can come visit us right away for treatment right on the spot, or if a family member is injured, you can bring him or her in to see us, as we can see patients of any age. Come by today for immediate, convenient care offered 12 hours a day, 7 days a week!

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