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How Often Should You Get an EKG Done?

How Often Should You Get an EKG Done?

If you decide you should have an EKG done sometime soon or regularly, you can get one right away without an appointment here at Immediate Care of Oklahoma! Our locations are open 7 days a week with extended hours.

How Often Should You Get an EKG Done? - We serve patients from West Moore OK, Norman (HealthPlex) OK, Norman (24th) OK, Edmond OK, Yukon OK, I-240 and Sooner RD OK, Tecumseh OK
How Often Should You Get an EKG Done? - We serve patients from West Moore OK, Norman (HealthPlex) OK, Norman (24th) OK, Edmond OK, Yukon OK, I-240 and Sooner RD OK, Tecumseh OK

Your heart health is vital, and an EKG can give you some insight into how your heart is doing. There are some times when regular EKGs are recommended and other times when it just isn’t necessary, so let’s take a look at when and how often you should get an EKG done.

Do I need regular EKGs?

If you have heart disease or an enlarged heart, or related risk factors/symptoms for these conditions, then you’ll need regular EKGs. If you don’t have any of these issues, then you likely don’t need regular EKGs, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you won’t benefit from them.

Some healthy patients request an EKG as a part of their regular checkups. An EKG isn’t harmful to a patient, but it also isn’t necessarily helpful. Sometimes an EKG can show mild and nonspecific abnormalities that aren’t caused by heart disease but may still cause the patient to worry and request additional tests that just aren’t necessary.

The patients who usually need regular EKGs are those with:

  • Heart disease
  • An enlarged heart
  • Any risk factors for heart disease or an enlarged heart (like high blood pressure)
  • Any symptoms that may suggest possible heart disease (like chest pain, shortness of breath, an irregular heartbeat, or heavy heartbeats)

You might also need an EKG to screen for certain conditions or for occupational requirements, but in these instances, you won’t need regular EKGs and will likely need just one.

How can I protect my heart health?

If you have a heart condition or are at risk for one, or even if you don’t have any issues, you can do a number of things to protect your heart and preserve its health. First and foremost, it’s important to understand your condition or risks, like if you’re at risk for heart disease. You can ask a doctor, like one of ours at Immediate Care of Oklahoma, about your condition, or you can ask the doctor to do a risk assessment. There are lots of things you can do to lower your risk of heart disease and other heart issues, like:

  • Not smoking and not excessively drinking
  • Being physically active and eating healthily
  • Knowing and controlling your blood pressure and blood cholesterol
  • Maintaining a healthy weight and managing conditions like diabetes
  • Reducing stress

Additionally, you can visit with a healthcare provider regularly for checkups. Remember, you can have regular EKGs, and absolutely should if you have issues with your heart or related issues.

So how often should you get an EKG done?

If you fit into the group of patients who have heart or heart-related issues and should have regular EKGs, then you’ll want to get them done often, but the frequency really depends on your particular condition and health. Because your heart health can be vital, especially if it’s compromised, it’s important for you to ask a doctor about how often you should get an EKG done. This really can vary, so be sure to ask a doctor about your particular case. For healthy patients, having your blood pressure checked annually is a good idea, and it may be good to have your cholesterol and blood sugar levels tested too. We can help with any of that here at Immediate Care of Oklahoma.

Our clinic provides EKGs, blood pressure tests, cholesterol tests, blood sugar tests, and more. You can come see us annually or really, anytime you might need a test or any of our urgent care services, 7 days a week, 12 hours a day. To book an appointment with us or to see us for a same-day appointment, please see our Locations page for the clinic nearest you and its contact information/address. We look forward to seeing you soon and helping you preserve your heart health for many years to come!

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