OKC West Moore COVID Testing

Immediate Care of Oklahoma is providing clinic curbside testing for people who have the symptoms associated with the coronavirus (COVID-19). First, if you or a loved one has these symptoms, please call our clinic. We serve patients from West Moore OK, Norman OK, Edmond OK, Yukon OK, Del City, OK, and Midwest City, OK.

OKC West Moore COVID Testing Near Me
OKC West Moore COVID Testing Near Me

Should I get tested for the coronavirus?

If you’re currently experiencing the symptoms that are commonly associated with COVID-19, you should get a test. You should also get tested if you’ve been around someone with these symptoms. The symptoms are:

  • A dry cough
  • Tiredness or fatigue
  • Fever

Generally, those symptoms are mild, but they can be more significant or accompanied by other symptoms, like headache, or quite serious symptoms including:

  • Chest pain
  • Pressure in the chest
  • Shortness of breath
  • Breathing problems
  • A loss of movement or a loss of speech

Those symptoms in the list above require immediate medical attention, but please call before you visit anywhere. This can prevent infecting anyone else with the virus.

In some instances, symptoms won’t show themselves at all or will only show themselves after 2 to 14 days after the day of infection. Remember that although you and your family may seem or be symptom-free, it’s still important to socially distance, wash your hands regularly, wear a mask out in public, and take other precautions like the ones your local health officials recommend.

Who should get an antibody test for COVID-19?

If someone has had COVID-19 before or may have had it before, then this person may have antibodies. These antibodies may help sick patients recover from infection, and the presence of antibodies in a person can help researchers track and slow the spread of the virus. Researchers and medical professionals want to find these antibodies for these reasons.

If you had or may have had the virus, and so long as you’re not currently symptomatic, then you can have an antibody test done. Immediate Care of Oklahoma is able to provide this test. Call our clinic if you’d like to learn more about it.

How does a detection test for COVID-19 work?

The common detection test for currently symptomatic people is the nasal swab test. During this test, a sample is swabbed from the patient’s nose then tested for the virus. Most of the time, results are made available within 24 hours or so, but this can take more time if there’s a backlog of tests to run. For mild symptoms, this standard viral test is the one you’ll need.

Immediate Care of Oklahoma can provide the standard test, but please do not come see us in-person for this test, as you would risk infecting our other patients and our staff. There’s also a risk of infecting yourself if you’re currently not infected. Instead of coming in, please call our clinic so we can evaluate your symptoms safely and remotely. If required, we will schedule you in for a phone or virtual visit with one of our doctors or invite you over to our clinic’s curbside where we can provide testing. Please try to understand that telemedicine is best and even necessary when there’s a risk of infecting other people in-person.

Can I get OKC West Moore COVID testing?

Yes, and you can get the testing done with Immediate Care of Oklahoma, but please call us first instead of coming to visit us. During your call, we’ll evaluate your symptoms remotely and, if necessary, recommend a telemedicine visit or a clinic curbside test. Our staff and other patients appreciate your understanding and cooperation!