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Mavin Mclemore

Meet Mavin Mclemore at Immediate Care of Oklahoma

Mavin Mclemore

Mavin Mclemore is a CSA at our I-240 Clinic
Mavin Mclemore is a CSA at our I-240 Clinic

Mavin Mclemore is a CSA at our I-240 Clinic.

A little bit more about Mavin, she was born in Phoenix, Arizona and moved to Oklahoma when she was eleven, and has been here ever since. She calls Oklahoma her home. Mavin has been with Immediate Care for 4 months. Mavin was looking for a change of pace and she was referred to Immediate Care by her sister, Anna, who really enjoys the work environment. Mavin’s favorite part about working at Immediate Care is the large variety of people she gets to work with as well as the patients that come in. She enjoys that the job is different every day and it keeps her on her toes.

Outside of work she enjoys painting, getting outside in nature, going on walks, hanging out with her friends outdoors and going to the lake during the summer.
If she could eat lunch with anyone it would be one of her ancestors on her dad’s side who made alcohol during the prohibition. She would love to meet him and learn the history and hear about the times he lived in.

A fun fact about Mavin is that she owns a pet snake named Coconut. After 3 years of believing Coconut was a boy, Mavin found out that the snake was a girl. Coconut is a 5 year old ball python who is about 3 feet long.

Mavin has been with ICO for a little over 4 months. Mavin has been a great addition to the I240 location. She handles patients very well. She stays calm in the face of chaos. She is a great example of how to remain calm, cool and collected. She speaks to patients and other staff in such a polite way that gives them the feeling of reassurance in their time of need. Mavin goes above and beyond to help everyone out. Mavin is a great example of compassion, endurance and sincerity. Mavin you are a great asset to I-240 and we would like to congratulate you on being I-240’s employee of the month. Thank you Mavin for all you do for your team and our patients!

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