How Long Does a Typical Cold or Flu Last Without Treatment?

Flu and cold treatment options vary due to several factors. Overall health, patient’s age and symptoms can affect the longevity and severity of the sickness. Flu and cold symptoms can include headaches, runny or stuffy nose, coughs, ear aches, sore throats and more.

Finding out if you have a cold or the flu is important because treatments can and should vary. The flu virus should be treated within 48 hours of the first symptoms to help cut the time of the total virus and can also help prevent more serious illness. WebMD has some great material to help you determine whether it is a cold or the flu.

According to WebMD, flu symptoms come on fast, usually improving within two to five days, while colds usually start with a runny nose gradually adding more symptoms and lasting about a week. With the flu virus, fatigue and body weakness can last up to three weeks. Patients who are older, have a weak immune system or chronic diseases may have a harder time getting rid of the sickness and symptoms.

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